I worked on this for a while, no matter how many times I revised it it didn’t seem right. I’ve made the decision to simply leave it as is, so yeah, not my best work, but the best I’ll do with this one.

I saw them falling at his feet
One by one onto the street
At the hands of one who stood alone,
And I felt a soft wind blow

Then he saw me standing near,
But despite the sadness and the fear
I felt when his eyes turned to me,
I knew I could not flee

So as the fool I walked ahead
The ground beneath me cold and dead
Others ran, I moved alone
To the man with eyes of stone

Every warning seemed so small
Even though I’d seen them fall
And those who didn’t fled this place
Soon I met him face to face

And so against all sound advice
I reached out and felt skin like ice
I thought there might be warmth to grow
But it had faded long ago

Then I fell onto the ground
And only more cold I found
Another who had no effect
Another fell without regret

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